Frequently asked questions

  • Whether children can assemble puzzles

    All of our models are designed for 14+ people. But, if your child is under the aforesaid age, you can always assemble the model together.

  • Do you need glue while model assembling?

    No, everything you need for assembling a beautiful and functional model is already in the box.

  • How can I order a model?

    You can place your order online and select one of two delivery types – standard and express. Regular UPS delivery from 5 to 9 days is free. UPS Express delivery (max 5 days) is 7 USD.

  • Similar puzzles are only plywood ones, why do you add plastic?

    The new technology of plastic adding to the constructor, increases its integrity and durability. It makes the model more functional.

    For example, we can add ailerons to the airplane or pistons to the motor or build in a spring-driven motor. Unlike the common plywood, these models will maintain their attractive appearance for many years.

Dive into the exciting world of next-generation constructors.

This wonderful set of mechanical 3D puzzles is the perfect hobby for kids and adults. It promotes problem-solving skills, dexterity and creativity. Relax and have fun for brain development!