Read before you buy

The Veter Models 3d puzzles are made with new technologies and materials that no other third puzzles used before, so it might seem like a little bit tricky task at the beginning of the assembling of your first model.

Some of the parts are 2*4 mm and up, but with the help of a special TOOL (includes to the kit), you can easily install them.

Note that, some parts might seem unusual for the first touch because of the different materials and sizes. However, thanks to that, the Veter Models puzzles are much more neat and durable than any other simply wooden puzzles.

After this, you will fall in love with this deluxe edition mechanical model toys! 

In the kit, you get everything you need for assembly, including auxiliary tools.

 P.S. Don't forget to use the black underlay that comes with each model to better see the transparent parts! 

To better understand our models, we recommend watching this video



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