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A futuristic train with a tender. Unique 3D train model by Veter Models which will astonish you! 3D train & car constructor in diesel punk style. This model has more than 7 operating units and quite easy for assembling.

The one and only puzzle on the market in terms of functionality!

The train design refers to retro futuristic pictures of the past. The loco heart is a powerful spring: it and the car can travel at up to three meters distance and a few units are operating at once. We paid
lots of attention to details and design. So you will not only enjoy assembling, but also the fantastic look of the model when it is on your shelf. " Thunderstorm Express " is supplied in a set with standard rails
or bridge.

Some amazing features of this product:

  1. Spring drive
  2.  Runs up to 3 m
  3. Reverse gear
  4. The driver's door are opened (where you can see monitors with train speed, navigation)
  5. Piston-type wheels’ turning unit
  6. A special window inside the cabin (which can be opened with the driver's lever to look at the loco drive operation)
  7. Mechanic hatch that can be opened.
  8. 3-piston IC motor.
  9. Automatic-clutch tender (car)
  10. Car’s cargo compartment that can be opened (can be used as a jewel box)
  11. A set of rails where the train looks even better
  12. Option: A bridge-type pedestal and extra rails set (2m)


  • Part qnty: 538
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Self-assembly without glue
  • Scale: 1:87
  • Model size: 164 * 80 * 55 mm
  • Package size: 250 * 140 * 30 mm
  • Assembled according to instruction
  • Runs up to 3 m
  • Approximate assembling time – 9 hours
  • Age: 14+

There are two configurations:

  1. Basic - Train, tender, rails 440 mm.
  2. Max - Train, tender, a bridge-type pedestal and extra rails set (2m)


Wood, plastic

Shipping & Returns


Model dimensions: 345*63*46 mm Package dimensions: 250 * 140 * 30 mm


Assembling in line with the guidelines.

Glue-free assembling.

Watch this short video to learn all about the train.

A few words about the model.

Railway, the spirit of adventure with a hint of nostalgia! The power of steel and human mind cannot help but touching your adventurous heart! Immerse yourself into the long journeys world with Thunderstorm Express.

DIY loco & tender model by Veter Models company will contribute to unforgettable impression from grace of lines and specification. Enjoy the running motor, the interior of the driver's cabin and the tender mechanism. The model, in addition to moving forward, is provided with reverse gear.

Let the rhythmic wheels’ clatter accompany you as you dive into the long-distance travelling world. Forms’ streamlining, maximum specification provides the impression of speed and power being in your palm.

Advantages. The Thunderstorm Express

Wood-and-plastic hybrid puzzle. The new technology allows unprecedented reliability and durability achieving. The plastic as a component provides huge possibilities for functionality and specification. The model is easier to assemble and it looks even more futuristic.

Try the process-oriented puzzle and see for yourself. Each and every our puzzle is unique in some way. This section will introduce some details regarding train model functional peculiarities.

  • 3-piston motor

    3-piston motor. The main loco part is the three-piston IC motor. The three pistons move up and down asynchronously and it is fascinating, you’ll want to start it again and again.

    We know that large IC-motor loco do not exist. But in the world where this train came from, humanity took a different path of development. You have seen the portal on the box, right? ;)

  • Spring drive

    The spring actuator is hidden under a cover at the loco top. You can open it and breathe life into the Thunderstorm Express with a few movements.

    When fully wound up, the loco and trailer travel up to three meters on a smooth surface. The train is also equipped with a reverse lever. Therefore our train can successfully move both forward and backward. Why do we use a spring?
    The high-quality materials which these puzzles are made of, are capable of considerable pressure withstanding. It means that you do not have to disassemble the model and replace worn parts, as is the case for other 3D puzzles with a rubber-band drive. The drive will operate for many years.

  • Driver’s cabin

    We have filled the driver's cabin with various cool parts. You can get into this compartment by opening the folding doors. Inside, there are several units - a speed sensor and a lever that opens the boiler manhole.

    You can observe the motor operating through the manhole from an unusual angle. At the cabin top there is a functioning ventilation hole. Owing to which the driver can take a breath of clean air and rest from the smoky diesel motor;)

  • Front piston block

    Especially we are proud of how the "front piston group" is arranged. This is the system of levers and shafts that transfer motion from the spring to the wheels.

    As the loco moving, you literally can see how this system makes the wheels turning by means of a simple spring.

    Owing to this part we have managed to show the aesthetics and principles of real loco moving. While assembling this constructor, you will be feel like a real 18th century engineer!

  • Tender

    The loco is supplied along with a tender (car). It is designed in the same way as the loco itself and also has several units.

    By easily pushing the lever (which is arranged on the tender side), the car flaps open aside and you can use it as a storage unit for your favorite jewels.

    There are also doors that provide access to the inside of the car from the driver's cabin. Another interesting feature of the tender is the automatic clutch system. In order to combine them, you just need to press them together.

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Once assembled, our models are real interior ornaments. And to make Thunderstorm Express look even more beautiful and astonishing you can provide it with bridge-type pedestal and extra rails set (two meters).

All Parameters


Glue-free assembling
Part qnty: 538.
Difficulty level – medium.
Approximate assembling time – 9 hours


Runs max 3 meters on any surface
Spring drive
The driver's door are opened (where you can see monitors with train speed, navigation)
A special window inside the cabin (which can be opened with the driver's lever to look at the loco drive operation)
Mechanic hatch that can be opened.
3-piston IC motor.
Automatic-clutch tender (car)
Car’s cargo compartment that can be opened (can be used as a jewel box)
A set of rails where the train looks even better
Option: A bridge-type pedestal and extra rails set (2 m)


Train with tender.
Set of bench rails 440 mm long
Max (optional)
Train with a tender.
Set of bench rails 440 mm long (puzzle - bridge stand)
Additional rails 2 m long
Standard (in both configurations)

A tool for pressing the parts out of the plates.
Tongs for very small parts.
Rubber pads for the wheels.

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